Vices On Speed – Sacrilege will release their debut EP

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It is a undeniable fact that, for the past couple of years, Dhaka has been renowned as the breeding ground for extreme metal music- this lair has thus been home to powerful metal bands of which Sacrilege has earned their spot as one of the most unique sounding ones.

Starting as a band that previously faced a few lineup changes, the members of this now an exceptional quartet who finally buckled up to commence experimenting with their music. The reason, which eventually became the result, was to give fanatics a different yet exceptionally distinct taste of metal- where the thrash and heavy metal collide while excavating influence from genres such as jazz, blues, rock ‘n’ roll and progressive rock to create a smashing and heavily daunting blend.

Sacrilege has done an excellent job in portraying guttural music where the aggressive and detailed guitar plays to the thunderous yet methodic drum accompaniment and vice versa. By doing so they delineate yet again the manic power of a furiously rambunctious brotherhood. From the crashing, intense, and technically orchestrated drumming to the aggressive guitar riffs and painstaking guitar solos; from the corpulent and powerful bass to the primal, jaw-breaking vocals, Sacrilege’s music has never been short of melody, grooves and ear-splitting aggression with strong elements from thrash metal.

Hence, at long last after a strenuous wait, finally the recordings of their belligerent yet melodious- strident yet expressive songs have finally been completed. Therefore, to celebrate this auspicious moment, their event “Vices on Speed” has been announced.

Arif Sadab Khan – Guitars, bass
Arif Islam – Vocals, Lyrics
Turzo Hasan – Bass
Saquib Ahmed – Drums

Also in the Line-up:
Abominable Carnivore

Sponsored by DARAZ
Radio partner: Radio Dhol
Date: 13th October
Venue: National Library Auditorium, Agargaon, Dhaka

Ticket price 300 tk
CD price 300tk

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