Thrash posts a new version of “Cross-Fire”

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Thrash (L-R) )Sumit Gaurab, Mujtaba Nurul Hamim, Sameer Azmi and Asif Mahmood. picture taken from the band’s Facebook page.

Thrash Metal warriors from BangladeshThrash has recently posted a re-recorded version of their song “Cross-Fire (Legitimate Manslaughter)”. It was previously released in their debut EP “A Lesson In Thrash” back in 2012. The band has posted a message on their Facebook page along with the link of the song on June 25, 2015.

“Thrashers!!!! Greetings!!!!!
It has been quite some time since we posted any updates regarding our activities and whatnot and feel that this update was long overdue.

Thrash, is a DIY band (yes, we do everything ourselves from writing music to producing it, from organizing gigs to printing merchandises) of four undergrad students, all of whom are in their final year of studies. It is excruciatingly hard to balance between a career in music and full time studies. However, we managed to do so and survived for four years only to be stronger, better, bitter and angrier than ever. We started writing new music and along this process have realized how sound production plays an important role in taking a band to the next level. Our lead guitarist Sumit Gaurub is the band’s producer and with his studio “GRB Artillery” and our collective know-how, we have generated a new sound for the band that we believe represents who we are.

The given link below is a re-recorded version of our song “Cross-Fire (Legitimate Manslaughter)” that represents the sound we will be providing in the next releases. So listen to it and share/subscribe and support!

Lastly, we want to convey our gratitude to the people that supported us by buying our CDs and merchandise and have attended our gigs. We thank you for your support in helping us to grow and for motivating us to write new music.
Till the next update (and there is a lot coming your way), THRASH ON to this new rendition of ‘CROSS-FIRE’.”

The band has also released a new single titled “In For The Kill” on “Rock-808, 909, X0X” coordinated by Iqbal Asif Jewel on April-19, 2015.

To listen to the new version of Cross-Fire visit the official Soundcloud page of the band.

For more information visit the official Facebook page of Thrash.

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