This Is Us by Embers In Snow – a ride to the dreamland

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Dhaka based Indie and atmospheric rock band Embers In Snow – the solo project of brilliant musician and sound engineer Rakat Azmi, has released their third EP on May-05. The album titled This Is Us has already garnered huge amount of attention among the fans. Personally, I have already listened to this album three times already and each time I felt this out-of-this world feelings in my mind. It was something that cannot be explained.

The first track, which is the titled track – is the perfect one to open the album. The melodic guitar plucking at the beginning which is followed by a soothing sound of the synthesizer, will instantly take someone to a magic realm. A few minutes later during the starting of the orchestral section, the song really kicked in. Folks will find a truly psychedelic/atmospheric experience guaranteed.

Up next is the song Ziva. This one sounds more like – Coldplay meet Pink Floyd. The starting is like the previous song but with more gravity in it. The combination of the spoken lyrics and singing (from 1:33 – 2:21) is another remarkable thing of this track.

And the very last (but not the least) track is Home. This song is more like a follow up of Ziva with the same kind atmospheric feelings and the perfect one to finish the close the album. 

Regarding the whole composition and mixing process, I must say that the band’s frontman Rakat Zami’s brilliant working is out of the question. 

In the end I am going to say that if anyone want to go to space for a few moment, or just want to get lost in a world of surreal fantasy, or just want to walk down the memory lane – then this album is a must to be listened.

The album was released by Mushroom Entertainment (ME) Label can be heard on the band’s official YouTube page and in the GAAN app – where you can listen to their previous releases. It is also available in iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. The links are given below. 


This Is Us is written, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Embers In Snow. The members are.

Rakat Zami – Vocals and all instruments. 
Asif Ayon – Bass (on This Is Us)

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