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In the year 2000 our founder member Drummer/ Vocalist Ranjan and Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Chandan obtained their residential immigration and decided to migrate. A setback to our line-up, oblivious about our objectives, we pondered as to how we were going to create our band’s presence into our new country of residence, Canada. The band’s future was almost buried under the blanket of uncertainty. We got preoccupied wit


Toronto, Canada Left to Right – Mahbub, Kiron, Tarik, Chandan, Ranjan (circa 2001)

h our personal/professional career & commitment. Not to mention, shoveling ice in winter and mowing lawn in summer was least of the fun! However, we never back paddled in the pursuit of our musical expedition. This helped us to keep us alive and keep us going. Amid a lot of skepticism, we were able to pull ourselves together by bringing on board a few good musicians who were very keen to join us.

Having gone through yet another major transformation in our line-up, we thought it was about time we exposed ourselves. We rehearsed for over a year before we performed at our 1st ever solo concert in Canada. It was at the University of Toronto at St. George campus on March of 2002. It was yet another flare of success that took us by sheer surprise. We were completely taken away by the flame of appreciation we received from our fans. We had little idea about the enthusiasm that existed among our fans in North America, let alone the existence of our fans were remotely unknown to us. This gave us a new hope to re-engage and re-align our goals and visions.



Winning Probashe album live recording session (circa -2003)


After that very successful concert, we put our foot back into the door of a recording studio called, ‘Studio 42’, located in Toronto. We recorded some of our old songs in a ‘live’ format and finished everything including recording, mixing & mastering in less than 3 days on April 2003. It was a whole new experience and we loved it. We named our album: Winning Probashe (Bengali meaning ‘abroad’).


Winning Probashe album line up. Left to Right – Tarik, Mahbub, Ranjan, Chandan, Kiron (circa-2003)

The new line-up, the new album and everything else came along with it, was a joy to us as we revamped our activities. It was in the year 2005, we performed at FOBANA, in Toronto, one of the major events that take place among the Bangladeshi Community in North America. Followed by quite a few successful concerts in Toronto we extended our activities with more of successful concerts in cities including Montreal, Vancouver etc. This paved us a way to perform in more concerts & events in different states of USA as well.


Montreal Tour, Canada. Left to Right – Ranjan, Mahbub, Chandan (circa-2004)

While all of this was happening, we endured another setback, another shuffle in our line-up. Nonetheless, did we have to wait for too long to replenish our gap. This time it was a joyous treat as our founder member/bassist, Shelley migrated to Canada and joined us. The thrill and excitement added to yet another delight when Biplob our keyboardist moved to . The feeling was as if though we went back 25 years down in the memory lane.

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