S!N guitarist Michhil will release debut single of his upcoming solo album on New Year’s Day!!!!

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Cover of the song – Lie

What a great way to start a new year?! Bangladeshi guitarist Michhil is going to release his first song from his upcoming debut solo album on January – 01.

Regarding the release he has posted the following on the event’s page.

“2020 is about to end,and at this period I finally decided and set a date to release my very first solo song along with a music video(!)

Woo-hoo (!)

Due to massive laziness,after being done with the recording it took me near about ONLY four months to gain enough motivation and courage to give you my own music. I’ll be releasing ‘Lie’ on the first day of 2021,though I planned to gift ya’ll it on 31st December. But I know VERY WELL that we all are gonna chill out and have a party night on New Years Eve and my song will be left alone:'(((
( sentimental cat noises).

Soo,taking no risks at all!

‘Lie’ is the first number from my album ‘Audio book’. Thanking Yeamin Abrar, who wrote the first verse and helped me out to tune the song. The track was recorded and mixed – mastered by Prottoy Khan. And I’d very much like to thank Mr. S.A Rashid Diamond for filming the video.

This is the link of my Youtube Channel,where I’ll be uploading the video.

Link : 

That’s all ! Here I go :’D “

Michhil is the guitarist of the promising Dhaka based contemporary rock band from Dhaka – S!N for a very long time, and also have a side project name – Smooches.

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