Shorot Utsab at Bokultola

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There is an old Bengali saying, baro mashe taro parbon (thirteen festivals in twelve months). It has been proven once again by one of our fan Dip Roy who had recently visited and performed in the Autumn Festival arranged by Chhayanat.

or autumn is a season that most of the folks around the world enjoy. And as for the Bengalis, it is always something very special. On October-08, 2016 or should I say 20th Ashshin 1423 Chhayanat has organized the Shorot Utshab or the Autumn Festival at the famous Bokultola at Dhaka University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.


It was partly cloudy all day and people were started to enjoy the weather. The program has started at 7 am with the presentation of Rabindranath Tagore’s song “Bisbabinarabe Bisbajana Mohiche”. The day long occasion has been presented with six group and twelve single songs along with one duet number.


There were also three group dances, where one of them has performed with the song “Anonderi Sagor Hote” which was coordinated by Mr. Belayet Hossain – teacher of Bharatnattyam at Chhayanat. Eight dancers had performed.


They all had started practicing at 6 am, and worked very hard to make something big. They were very enthusiastic as everyone’s eyes and faces were dazzling with excitement.


After the ceremony everyone was served with the traditional snack mawa as a treat.


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