Sacriliege has launched their demo EP

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Bangladeshi thrashers Sacrilege has released some of their numbers on Friday (March-17, 2016). The self released demo EP was titled Speedwolf and contain 3 original numbers and killer cover song of Exodus. The band has arranged a small get together on evening at Road -1 of the Dhanmondi area during the program with the presence of some fans and also some of the big names of the BD metal scenarios.




The band has also spoke a few words regarding the album.

“This has truly been a long time coming, all four of us has put our sweat and grit into making the songs sound as musical as possible whilst keeping the solid aspects of Thrash metal. This is just to give the listeners what we sound so that when we come out with our EP, they are already familiar. I personally still do not feel and will not feel accomplished until I have studio quality recorded with this amazing quartet of musicians, however, this is quite a milestone for Sacrilege as a band, being not only our first release, it is a testament to our commitment towards metal music. Cheers.”Saquib Ahmed, drums.

“It was a breathtaking occasion for us to be releasing our very first material in the form of a rehearsal DEMO CD. We are very overwhelmed by the response we received from our brothers of metal. Many of them came down to buy our CD and we also got a lot of orders on our Facebook page. We would like to thank all those people who were present to make our demo launching warm and successful. The main purpose of this DEMO is to give people a slight hint about what Sacrilege’s music is going to sound like. Specially the EP, which we hope to release by the end of this year. It will contain the 3 original tracks from the Demo along with 2 new tracks. We are taking our time to make sure we deliver the best version of ourselves in the EP.” Arif Sadab Khan, guitars.

So thrashers all across the world, get ready to be blown apart.

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