Rushnaf Wadud celebrated Mother’s Day by releasing a song about his mother

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Photo courtesy: The Mothership Records

People all across the world has celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, by giving tribute in various format. Rushnaf Wadud didn’t kept himself behind and released a song dedicated to his mom.

The song titled “Zee Bangla Blues” is demo track which is recorded with only an acoustic guitar – has been released via The Mothership Records in YouTube.

According to Rushnaf,

“My greatest moment of shame was when I realized I had always selfishly wanted my parents to know and understand me for who I am, even though I cared to know less and less about them as the years went by. Growing up and apart, I cannot remember when I had a relationship with my mother which was not based on anger and resentment. At my lowest points I feel like there is no real solution to this, but if I’ve learned anything from life, it is that one must continue to strive to be better at living it. I’m learning to understand my mother a lot more now; her motivations, her upbringing, her culture, her wants and her needs. It is mostly negotiating an uphill climb, sure, but it also consists of kindness, and patience, and grace and love. It is at my lowest that I miss my mother’s lap the most, to put my head on her knee and forget about the world and to exist only in tears and breathing. Even at our worst moments, we are, after all, mother and son.”

The label has also posted a message regarding the release.

“The Mothership wishes you a Mother’s Day full of understanding, kindness, patience, grace and love. They say you have to be a Mother to understand another. Hah. #mumsthesound.”

Rushnaf Wadud is also the man behind the The Mothership Records.

To listen to the song, please follow the the link below.


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