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RIOTOUS 14 is a band mixed compilation released July 10, 2015 on G-series and coordinated by young musician Shahriar Nabi Orchi (Naive). It’s a collective effort for creating a platform for bands of different styles including hard rock, heavy metal, death metal and thrash metal. The album has managed to bring the sensation like Artcell and Powersurge as well as some newer bands. With its unique approach on local music scene, this compilation could just be considered as a landmark.

Karar Oi Louhokopat (Artcell) – A great step taken by the band to give the proper respect to the rebel and the national poet – Kazi Nazrul Islam. Not up to the mark due to lack of time in recording, still it’s an energetic remake of this famous song and personally I’d like to thank Artcell for this return.

Moshtishker Ongar (Bay of Bengal) – A fine piece of work by one of the new revolutionaries of metal from the port city of Chittagong. The song has already started to gain fame by various listeners all across the country.

Abar Juddhe (Scarecrow) – The band has proven that the metal scene of Bangladesh hasn’t died yet. The new single happens to be a blast from the past.

The Enemy (Overlord) – The band’s second single happens to be catchy and attractive. Mellow-Death lovers will love it for sure.

Terror Scream (Powersurge) – A powerful and face melting track. The second English single by the band feature killer riffs, blasting drums. Knife cutting solos with aggressive voice and equally thunder bass lines and destructive drum solos. Sounds more like “old school Metallica.”

Rise My Army of The Undead (Abominable Carnivore) – Black Metal lovers will definitely love the track for its dark music and equally dark lyrics, beside the title itself.

Amar Khunira (Crusader) –The band’s debut single sounds more like “Pantera” has return with “Dimebag” on guitar.

Traash (Thrash) – A band which has tried and succeed in proving the genre Thrash Metal can rule Bangladesh.

Hades (Homicide) – A very brand new song after the band’s debut EP, followed by a sudden change in the line-up. The killer drumming by “Raef Al Hasan ‘Rafa’ (Severe Dementia)” as the guest drummer has blown the mind away.

Srostha (Zerg) – As usual the band has proven that their songs can make everyone bang their heads for sure. It seems that the era of the “New Wave of Bangladeshi Heavy Metal” has finally started.

Shironam Protibad (Hellraizers) – Another successful thrashing track of the album. This is the band’s second single which can be said in one word “AWESOME!!!!”

Let There Be Blood (Shadow Realm) – The debut song of the new project by the “scream machine” Torsha Khan of the Stentorian, Shadow Of Doom and Black Priest fame. Although the song sounds a little bit raw and different from his previous bands, they have gave their best shot. Technically, the song sounds more like “Dio meet Alexi Laiho”.

Niyomer Dewal (Naive) – The third single of the band. A well-polished and equally spectacular track by this newcomers.

Punno Ghatok (Sent Men Revolt) – As usual, SMR has proven that “if you want live a life, then be a metalhead”. The song features the usual killer guitar works of Emran Ul Shifa of the Poizon Green fame.


The album as a whole, represents a solid buildup of set-list to attract listeners from every genre on which the coordinator put his concentrations. An appreciable step, but the overall production could have been a bit better. However, I really enjoyed this release and revisiting the whole album, I should recommend checking this album out, if you have not yet.

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