Review: Tyagra Rehearsal Demo

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By, Syed Imran Zaki

Tyagra is the latest addition to the ongoing underground metal movement of Bangladesh. The unique fact about Tyagra is their selection of musical genre; most of the bands formed since the 2010’s have chosen thrash, death or black metal as their style predominately, whereas Tyagra chose to play heavy metal inspired by early works of Sortilege and some doom metal. They recently released a four track demo that was recorded during their rehearsal sessions. The demo is available on CD format and contains three originals plus a cover of American doom metallers Pentagram.

As said before, Tyagra plays heavy metal hugely inspired by some early era heavy metal bands, their music is pretty straightforward and simple while emphasis put on rhythmic guitars with blasting guitar solos. The demo was recorded live during the rehearsal session, therefore the sound is pretty raw, giving it a more primitive feel. The bass gives a firm support throughout the composition, the distortions cover up for the guitars really well during the solos. The drummer is pretty handy with his work, as he is locally renowned for. The vocalist sings using his mid to high pitched vocal. The vocal styles endorse a more rock n’ roll approach.

The positive points of this demo are, the band members showed their individual skills as the demo was recorded during live sessions. You can hardly find any flaw in their musicianship and dedication towards their work. The guitarist Asif and the vocalist Intefad are outstanding with their performances. The negative points- the demo offers nothing new to the listeners as it mostly worships the influential artists of the band itself.

Based on my personal tastes and opinion, I can certainly claim this rehearsal demo as one of the top releases from Bangladeshi metal scene in recent times. The demo is very limited in terms of available copies, you can collect them from the band directly. You won’t regret after listening to this musical art.

Score: 77/100


Intefad (Vocals)
Asif (Guitars)
Aniruddha (Bass)
Zawad (Drums)

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