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Absentia is the recent sensation to emerge from Dhaka, Bangladesh where most of the underground acts indulge themselves in playing heavy metal or extreme metal whereas Absentia chose different paths; playing core music with djent influences.

The band started their journey at 2011, I first encountered them in a live gig where I was astonished seeing those kids play unbelievably strong sound with a jaw breaking stage performance. Although I don’t like ‘metal-core’ music that much but their maturity made me digging into some of their stuffs. Absentia released their debut EP in last April, entitled as Exit.Paradigm with 5 tracks to offer. Prior to this self-released EP, Absentia made some of their materials available through few compilation albums.

Exit.Paradigm has a well-produced sound with strong composition. The band exactly know about their potential skill and play accordingly. The heavy riffing, nicely judged breakdowns and the crunchy sound- make the listeners thriving for more. The vocals are exceptionally well done, both the harsh and clean ones. Obviously, a good mixing has a part to play in the overall representation of the sounds, Absentia gets full marks in that. The tracks that would exemplify their sound well are Paradigm Shift, Super Namek and Rise.

Absentia, has certainly topped with their proficiency on this debut mark. There are few other bands playing in the metal-core style, but Absentia has been able to put an impression with their music among the fans. Best wishes for the band with their future endeavor.

Score: 7.5/10

You can check the EP out through the following link


Label: Self-Released
Released: 30th April, 2015

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