Radio ABC gave a wonderful tribute to Elvis!!!

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The photo of Elvis was taken from The picture was taken during a press conference after his first performance at the International Hotel in Las Vegas on Aug. 1, 1969. 

We all know who Elvis Presley is. We all know how he won millions of hearts all across the world through his music. And most importantly, we all know how many girls went mad (they are still remaining mad till today) just to marry him. But this time we are going to give you something that every Elvis fans across the world will be thrilled.

On the occasion of this year’s World Music Day (June 21), Dhaka based radio station Radio ABC 89.2 FM has collaborated with some of the best artists of this country and made a folk-fusion version of one of the hit numbers, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. Yes!!! You have read it right. They have turned the entire song into what sound like a mix up of traditional Bengali Folk song and a western rock ballad.

The entire video and music was produced by acclaimed singer Prithwi Raj, while Nirob Mahmudul has done the role of DOP.

The performance was done by Rahul Ananda (dotara) and Dip Roy (pagli bass) of the folk band Joler Gaan and Saif Uz Zaman (Zaman Saif) – vocalist of the hard rock band Dreek.

The video has been posted below.

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