ORATOR to release New EP

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Orator, the death/thrash legion from Bangladesh has teamed up for releasing their second EP which has the title One Mad Aghori. The band is yet to hit the studio and the plan is to release the EP sometime in the late 2015.

The EP will be published and distributed globally by Pulverised Records, Singapore. The tentative three track EP has the illustrations done by Thai artist Somluck Sapeanthong (Sete Star Sept, Brüdny Skürwiel, etc). The label’s official page states quoting Amit Skullbearer (front man of Orator):

“It’s a tribute to the ancient mad Kapalic named Krakach who was a notorious embodiment of anti-norms and virtuous ethos. Krakach is addressed as the “Mad Aghori” who would give voice to the burning tongue of perpetual Nirriti, the Goddess of Asymmetry. The mocking smile on his skeletal face is a didactic insult to the Vratapa, the symmetric cosmic order.”

The EP will contain tracks like One Mad Aghori and Reprobate Cosmocremator.

The rehearsal version of the latter song can be heard here:

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