Necrowretch’s The Ones From Hell – hear the sounds of the abyss

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Deadly French trio NECROWRETCH return with the new album ‘The Ones from Hell.’

A band who has been in existence for over ten years is hoping to offer what they say is a brand new chapter! That’s right, for this album Vlad, guitarist, vocalist, and main writing force for the band went over to Istanbul, Turkey in search of a new environment to summon up the evil that’s laid down on this recording. The band then came together as a three piece to record this monster in February of 2019. It was recorded in Brussels, Belgium with “Phorgath” working as producer, and Alan Douches mastering this beast of a record in New York. What they have collaboratively come up with is, in their words, “Pure Satanic Death Metal”.

First of all, that is a magnificent album cover; you are left no doubt as to what kind of metal you are about to encounter on this record. They churned out some blackened death maelstrom that turned out to be one of the most entertaining listens I have heard this year by these fine Frenchmen. Over the band’s previous three records they’ve been steadily improving their craft, and “The Ones From Hell” feels like a proper continuation of the musical themes addressed in their previous records. It doesn’t sound particularly new, but it’s sure as hell as filthy as one might imagine a follow-up to an album called “Satanic Slavery” to be. Riffs oscillate between standard standard Death and Black metal tropes while short melodies float on top for the most part. While the riffs do form the main backbone of the songs here, they aren’t the main attraction. That honor is given to the many tricks that stand out on each song. Very top notch and raw.

This thirty seven minute album begins with ‘Pure Hell Fire’. Given the relatively tight boundaries of blackened death metal, the diversity on display is highly appreciated. Of course, Necrowretch don’t reinvent the wheel but that probably wasn’t one of their goals. What really matters is that The Ones From Hell is a highly enjoyable album; one that will satisfy old school fans of the style and may also attract some new ones to join their satanic cult! A track opening with an acoustic guitar leading into a metal opening statement sound, already summoning the Devil. Torturous screams, blast beats and pure heaven (hell really) is just around the corner. Fast, aggressive, raw and loud this track sets the standard for the album. A standard that is maintained. ‘Luciferian Sovranty’ speeds up more chaotically and angrily ripping your speakers to shreds. Track three, the title track has already got me moving to the window to check if Baphomet has appeared on the garden. Not yet, but we are only three songs in. This track is hostile and raw and contains drumming precise and brutal.

The production is damn good, not overly polished but perfectly highlights the furious demonic riffs, storming blast beats and the harsh and raspy growls. Musically, Necrowretch draw influence from early-Marduk and Immortal, Merciless, Possessed and Nifelheim, with a nod to Rotting Christ in some of the more atmospheric parts.


Pure Hellfire 06:54
Luciferian Sovranty 04:01
The Ones From Hell 04:12
Absolute Evil 02:38
Codex Obscuritas 05:48
Darkness Supreme 05:26
Through The Black Abyss 03:24
Necrowretch 04:37

In the end it can be said that the black and death metal attack in this album sees unsettling vocal shrieks spearhead their most primal material to date. ‘The Ones from Hell’ is an orgy of blasphemy and savage metal muscle that delivers pure, unrefined sacrilege.

Released February 14, 2020

Vlad : Guitars, Vocals
Ilmar : Drums and percussion
Wence : Bass, Guitars

Album review written by Nafiz Bin Monsur Nihan

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