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Twenty three years, my Gibson Flying V hasn’t changed a bit!

I never did music for money, but I have a strong feeling that musicians should be respected for their talents, efforts and contribution to the society and they need fair living too. The album was released as “Waves Live – Purono Shrity”. I left for New York before it’s has been released. Lack of follow up, ad, supporting shows, which is a must to promote a new album was not done. So the album and Waves disappeared from the market again.

Following year, in ’96, I went to Bangladesh again and performed on BTV for the last time and that was my ultimate trip to Bangladesh. I had a plan to give another shot sometimes later on but some of the personal events hampered my plans. As Mick Jagger sings “You can’t always get what you want.”


Iftekhar Sikder and family_2

Left: Me with my wife Nery and elder daughter Emy Right: Jacklyn Melissa Sikder


So true. My younger daughter Jacklyn “Jackie” Melissa Sikder, who was 8 months old got untimely passing on March 2000. Forget about music, I even quit my IT career and stayed home about a year, just doing nothing. All my gears ended up in the storage. It was not planned that I quit music but something that I didn’t feel like I have a purpose for living or playing guitars. At one point, I even planned to put all my gears on e-bay but my wife didn’t let me. I picked up the guitar couple years later and realized….I forgot everything. Chords, finger style, which I love the most. Even my most favorite song I couldn’t remember.


Above: Waves’ final line-up during “Purono Shrity” era. L-R: Ehtesham, Imtiaz, Mushfiq (RockStrata), Intekhab & Iftekhar Below: The Final line-up of Waves after so many years (circa 2012) L-R: Ehtesham, Intekhab, Imtiaz and Iftekhar

So I started from the scratch again, putting maximum energy. Now I play every day just because I love it. I’m a man without a band now and there will be no Waves reunion. We’ve covered AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton, Queen, Kiss, The Police, The Beatles and many more for the first time in Bangladesh back in the 80s during the time that no band was covering those. There might be better bands nowadays but remember one thing, there will not be another Waves that started the fire. The Pioneers of Heavy Metal Music in Bangladesh with a style and attitude.

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Started listening to music from the early age. Fell in love on Rock, Metal and other related genres on late 2005. Started practicing guitar from 2007. Formed a band called Lost Prophecy back 2010 but didn’t last long. Planned to make music magazine of international quality in Bangladesh on 2009/10. Finally, turned the dream into reality on 2015.


  1. Kumbho

    Back in the 80s there were many bands who had covered Eric Clapton and Beatles (if not the other mentioned bands) plus many other English Bands.
    So pls check your facts before writing such stories.

    And those bands were fine musicians too. So what’s the big deal if Waves had performed Black Sabbath. Their covers Sabbath and Beatles were terrible musically, and nothing to write home about.

    So no need to make such a big fuss of what Waves had done for BD music.

    Btw, I would like to know which Queen songs they had covered.
    ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘Somebody to Love’, ‘Killer Queen’, ‘We will Rock you’ or ‘We are the Champions’?
    I don’t think they could dare to cover those songs! LOL.

    • Iftekhar

      You wanted to know which song Waves covered means you have no idea what we did. Just get lost. Your agreeing or not doesn’t change the fact. Grape is always sour to a loser fox!

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