Legion Of Death Records has been shut down!!!

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Famous international underground record label of France – Legion Of Death Records has ceased it’s operation after 18 years. The shocking news was posted by Shaxul – drummer of Manzer and owner of the label, on July-14 through his Facebook

The main reason that Shaxul gave behind the closure is that, “ it has almost no support for some years now. So after 50 releases and 18 years of existence, it is time to put this label to an end.

He also added that, ARMÉE DE LA MORT Records is still there though, it is basically the same entity with an extended concept. I will mainly release my own projects now, and some other ones if I find them really important to me.”

Legion Of Death was founded by Shaxul back in 2001 in his hometown of
Poitiers, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
(better known as Pictavia), France; and focuses on releasing albums of bands across the world related to the Heavy, Thrash, Death and Black Metal genres. It has worked with bands like Arallu (Israel), Anal Vomit (Peru), Dying Embrace (India), Barbatos (Japan), Sabbat (Japan) and France’s heavy metal legend Harfang.

Bangladesh’s Thrash/Death metal band – Orator has released their first album (EP) – Dominion of Avyaktam through this label on February 16, 2010.

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