Kerry King doesn’t feel the Jeff is with the band in spirit!!!

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Kerry King


Everyone might have took it as a lame joke but the reality is bitter than anyone has imagined. In recent interview with The Village Voice, guitarist and founder Kerry King of the famous Bay Area Thrash giants Slayer said that he doesn’t feel the spirit of his longtime friend and band co-founder Jeff Hanneman is guiding the group two years after his tragic and untimely death.

“Jeff is worm food. When you die, you go in the dirt. There is no doubt. Doubt’s called agnostic. I’m not agnostic.”

King also stated about the upcoming album of the band “Repentless” which is due on September-11 and includes an unfinished song title “Piano Wire” by Hanneman from the “World Painted Blood” sessions.

“I didn’t know this until Tom (Tom Araya, singer/bassist) told me recently. I didn’t talk to

Jeff about that song, because I didn’t really have to police him (Jeff). If he wrote it, I was pretty sure it was all right. It was about sometime in World War II, because he was a big World War II history buff. I don’t know the exact instance, but apparently the Germans would hang people from buildings by piano wire as a warning to people not to go against them. That’s a very general description.”
And this doesn’t end here. King also referred the title track of the album “the Hannemanthem.”

“I went with it based on SlayerSlayer is repentless; Slayer’s always been repentless. I said, ‘You know what, I should write something about how I think Jeff looked at the world, because he looked at the world exactly how Slayer looked at the world.’ Plus little Jeffisms.’ It was both easy and difficult. The difficult part was doing it justice; I didn’t want to just throw it together. I wanted it to be solid, as deep as it could be without getting personal.”

The notable guitarist and founding member of the band, Jeff Hanneman has passed away on May-2, 2013 of liver failure due to alcohol-related cirrhosis. He was credited for writing many songs for the band which include the famous “Angel Of Death” and “South Of Heaven” among others.


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