Karnival has released a new music video!!!

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Blazing guns, spine-chilling suspense, a dim lighted parking lot full of cars, and a man on the run from his captor. These elements perfectly suits any thriller plot. But adding groovy disco music of the 70’s adds a little surprise to all the above mentioned elements.

And this is what Karnival has done in their latest music video titled ‘Control Room’.

The Dhaka based psychedelic-grunge rockers has released the video on their official YouTube channel yesterday. It was shot last year and was made by production house Khelna Chobi, while Abdullah Mohammad Saad (better known for his micro-budget film, Live From Dhaka ) played the role of the director. Also features is Reazul Hoque Imran who acted as “The Prisoner”.

Both the song and the video feature a retro vibe that will instantly pull the audience into a wild time travelling experience. Folks will also find it surprising as the band has suddenly started working with classic rock and funky music rather than their previous works, which features more raw and experimental sounds.

Karnival has been ruling the rock scene of Bangladesh since their inception in 2006. So far they have released three full length albums – Indraloy (2009), Attoshorgo (2012) and Dysfunctional Motion Picture (2014), and several hit singles in various mixed albums.

Currently they are working on their long awaited fourth album titled Hojoborolo, which will feature the aforementioned song.

Watch the video on the link given below.

The line-up of the band is
Khalid Ashraf – drums, Mousum Dhamai – bass, Salmi Rahman – guitars, and Tinu Rashid – vocals and guitars.

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