Indie rockers Dead Moon Circus has released their debut single

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Deadmoon Circus. L-R: Muttaki Shafayath and Ruzlan Safat

Newly founded Bangladeshi-Canadian indie rock duo Dead Moon Circus has released their very first single this Saturday (May-11). The song – Razors was released in the YouTube has already started to gain attentions among listeners.

Regarding the song the band has stated,

“It’s like, we both of the members used to work together for a very long time in different platform. And obviously as musicians it’s a kind of different approach towards the audiences from us with different sound and philosophy of musicality. We consider our music as subtle message to the audience rather than any specific statement.”

The band has also stated about their future releases,

As a band we’re now just focusing on making music spontaneously. Maybe we’re gonna release some more songs as singles before start working for an album or EP.”

Dead Moon Circus is made up of Muttaki Shafayath (guitars) who currently reside in Canada, and Ruzlan Safat (vocals).

The song can be heard in Ruzlan’s official YouTube page titled Snotbeer. Links provided below.

Artwork of the single Razors by Deadmoon Circus

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