Get slammed with “Torture Goregrinder”

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taken from the band’s Facebook page

As I was standing outside my hell workshop, walking here and there and waiting for the band to meet, I saw them. “The Fearsome Four” with their fiery eyes and stylish haircuts arrived in front of me. I greeted them with a very friendly smile and shook their hands. They were all excited for the interview as they were preparing themselves about what to say or not. After siting under the shade of a tree, I started my recorder.


Okay! So how’s everything going on with you guys?

DS: Yeah! We’re cool and we do our practices and also preparing ourselves for the recording.

Great!!! Alright before we start tell us something about you guys. I mean when did you start, and what kind of genre you do?

DS: We do Slamming/Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind/Pornogrind which are new in Bangladesh. We started in 2010, with  I (DanialSickk) on vocals and Towker Ahmed Khan Joy on guitars. It was only a basic thought or a starting point of how we will move. Later on 2012-13 we found Dip Roy on drums and another guy on bass.

After he left, it was Rakib Mahmud Ovee who took over the bass duty. It was very difficult to get musicians of our taste, since there were almost no one who do this type of genre in this country.

So we can say that you guys started from 2013.

DS: Yeah that’s right. We started on June of that year.

Okay, could you tell us whom you are counting as your influence?

DS: As a band we follow Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Devourment, Severe Torture, Necrophagist, The Faceless etc. And nationally we like Artcell, Severe Dementia, Jahilliyah, and Homicide.

Tell us about your personal choice, I mean whom you like personally?

Ovee: Well, from abroad I like Alex Webster and Stephan Fimmers among others. And from Bangladesh I am a great fan of Cezanne of Artcell.

DS: As a vocalist I like George Fisher, Chris Barnes, and Wayne Knupp. But most importantly my main influence is Randy Blythe

Joy: Well, I like Dimebag Darrell, John Petrucci, and Ershad.

Dip: Lars Ulrich and George Kolias from abroad. And from Bangladesh I like the playing of Partho i.e. Mephistopheles Warmonger, Rafa and Shaju.
Wow!!! That’s some great influence.

It sure is…Hehehe.

Speaking of influence, tell me what kind themes you guys follow for your lyrics.

DS: We mainly focus on brutality, psychopathy, abortion, morbidity and things which are related with them. In one word, we mainly focus on all the negative aspects of a person’s life.

Tell me guys, have you done any shows lately?

Dip: We did our first show on June-27 last year titled “Dispersion Presents – Louder Than Hell Vol. – XI”. Then we did a show organized by the band Gontobohin.

We also have performed in Infernal Death Part-1 and etc.

What are your plans for the future? Do you have plans for an album?

DS: Yes we are planning to do more shows in the future and we are working on our EP. It will contain six songs. Four of them will be Slamming Brutal Death and the rest will be Goregrind.

Dip: And all of our songs will be in Bangla. This will be the very first time in this country for the kind of genre we do.
How you guys will record the EP?

Well, we had just started working on it and we wish to release it through an international record label from abroad. That will depend upon the quality of our songs. And if that’s not going to happen then we will self-release it.

Now for the hard part. Have you faced any problems regarding your music?

DS: We did actually. When we posted our demo track of our first composition call “Mogoje Gorvopat” we got some comments that the lyrics is actually to explicit and people couldn’t take it easily.

Dip: But the truth is we actually took it ‘positively’. Because people will say many things about us when we step into the limelight. They are actually criticizing us after they have started to know us. They don’t need to listen to our songs but still they say things about us. The main point is that, if we don’t do any mistakes then how should we learn?

DS: Plus another main point is that we do music as a passion. It’s completely for our own satisfaction. So, we don’t care what people say. And yes, there are folks who definitely like our songs.

Say for our song “Mogoje Gorvopat”, it’s about a person who think about all the negative things of our daily life, as a result he turned into a maniac. So we did this song because it suit our lyrical theme. It doesn’t matter if doesn’t suit with everyone’s thought.

Ovee: If we want to do something then we have do it perfectly. We may perform in front of 20 people or so like any other ordinary band. But, if it is like we are performing in front of a crowd who does not do any head-banging or mosh pitting then where is the point in doing a show like this.

Joy: It will a something really shameful for us. Because it would be nothing but a direct insult to us.

Now that’s something great you guys have just said. As for the EP, do you guys have any plans to do something after releasing it?

DS: As we told you before that the type of music which we are doing is absolutely new in our country. And to make people listen to it, we want to tour all across the country to promote our album.

After that we want to do concerts in India, Nepal and some other places as the metal scene in those countries are quite rich.

And since we are an extreme metal band, we have a dream to do a show in “Wacken”.

Say one moment which you cherish most.

DS: When we got enlisted in the Wikipedia as the only Brutal/Slamming Death Metal band from Bangladesh.

Thanks for your time. Do you like to say something for us and the readers?

DS: Keep supporting us and we are very thankful to you for spending some times to know about us. As for the readers, GET READY TO \m/ TORTURED \m/.
To know more about them, visit the following links.

Interviewed by Noor E Muntaquim Alamgir


Torture Goregrinder

taken from the band’s Facebook page

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