Extreme Slam Fest – 2017

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The hilly valley of Shillong will be saying goodbye to this year with the most brutal show on earth. The Extreme Slam Fest – 2017 will witness two brilliant international acts along with some of the promising metal acts of India.

Audience will witness Russia’s Death Metal horde – Dehydrated for the very first time in their country. Hailing from Tomsk, Siberia – the band will surely bring chaos on the stage. Following them is another act from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Brutal Death and Goregrind warrior Torture Goregrinder  will surely join the destruction with their originals from their debut album, which was released earlier of 2017. Currently they have shown their destructive power at many stages in their homeland as a trio, as their bassist left the band before the production of the album. On Dec-22nd they will perform abroad for the very first time

Also joining the fest are some of the most finest metal acts of India. The detail of the show is given below.

Performing bands are:

1. Dehydrated (Siberia, Russia)
2. Torture Goregrinder (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
3.Breeding Machine (Shillong, India)
4.Wrath (Sikkim. India)
5.Embryogenic Disfigurement (Shillong, India)
6.Intestinal Carnage ( Shillong, India)
7.Uthanatos ( Shillong, India)
8.Rotten bowel (Shillong, India)

Venue : Lower Lachumiere Basketball Court
Date : 2nd December
Tickets: 350 INR

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