Eternal Armageddon is releasing their long awaited first full length album!!!

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Metalheads!! Get ready for some chaos!! Dhaka based Black/Thrash warriors, Eternal Armageddon, will be releasing their long awaited and first ever full-length album. The album, appropriately titled “In Light, In Dark, In Hate,” will be released locally on August 10th, 2019 via Heavy Metal T-Shirt.

Swedish record label, Salute Records, serves as the band’s label and global distribution partner. The official announcement has been made on the band’s official Facebook page yesterday, along with a video.

The cover art of the album has been posted on the band’s Facebook page back in March, signifying to their fans that they were working on their upcoming album.

In regards to the upcoming album release, the band’s vocalist and bass player, Asif Abrar (aka Asmodeus), has expressed the following in his personal Facebook profile:

“It’s been an year since we have completed recording our full length album called “In Light In Dark In Hate”.

Soon after that things got a bit complicated in our personal lives and very little progress could we make with the release. We kept playing live all across the nation and we salute you for all the support, love and appreciation. However, every time we were on the stage and every time we enjoyed your support, this one thing kept bugging us. The album!

We worked hard for this album. We worked fucking hard for years. We spent all our times and all last pennies behind it. And it’s all for you. We, Eternal Armageddon believe that together, we make one giant family of true metal worshipers. Hence, it’s not just our album. It’s your album as well. And we mean each and every single word of it. You, our brothers, you fucking deserve this album in your hand.

Life is hard and no matter how much we try to ensure we take the right road, the road is never right. The only time it feels right is when we blast those amps and pedals in front of a thousand chanting voices throwing their iron fists up in the air. So be it!

Eternal Armageddon was formed back in 2009 as a five piece melodic black metal act and released their debut album, an EP titled “Her Forlorn Monsoon” in December 4th, 2011 through Malaysia’s MTD Production. In 2013 the band went on a hiatus and, after a major change in lineup and genre, they reformed in May of 2014. They decided to continue as a three piece black/thrash act since then and independently released their second album, another EP titled “Black Thrash Bastards” on January 14th, 2015.

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