Dissector to release new song

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Thrash warriors Dissector is about to release their new single very soon. The song titled “Posergrinder” will be the newest material of the band for the first time after the change in the lineup.

In a recent post in the Facebook, the band has posted the lyrics of the song along with an artwork and message about their recent activities.

Time to bring out the Grinder! We are going to hit the studio for the track called ‘Posergrinder!’ And we will also print out Posergrinder t-shirts right after releasing the song! This is going to be the first release from Dissector after the change in lineup! So you maniacs get ready to be killer by the grinder ‘cause this one is going to be fast, raw and merciless!

The band has also celebrated two years of the release of their debut EP “Local Maniac Syndrome” on August-30th, by posting the following message.

Two years ago, on this exact day we launched our debut ep ‘Local Maniac Syndrome’. Being able to host a show of our own having all our brothers in the lineup and releasing the EP independently is something we will always cherish as an achievement! And the ep being totally sold out makes it all worth it! Over these two years, there have been some massive change in the lineup and other stuffs. But our maniac brothers were always there to support us with the highest level of madness! So this is to all the maniacs for being there to support the tempo when others just like to ‘go with the slow’ these days! So like we said before, ‘As long as there is a single guy out there who appreciates our work, we will be here!’ And we promise to bring new stuff this year and make your ears bleed! To the Maniacs!”


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