Davide Lo Surdo released guitar shred collaboration video with Warfaze’s Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal

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Italian guitarist Davide Lo Surdo has released a new video. The surprising news is that the 21-years old young guitarist has collaborated with the legendary guitarist of Bangladesh – Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal of the band Warfaze.

The 4 mins long video feature an insane amount of shredding between the two guitarists, as viewers feel like they are watching the clash of two titans right in front of their eyes.

In a statement posted by Kamal as a comment in the YouTube channel Warfaze TV, he said the following.

“Other than the fastest guitarist I have played with, Davide, at 21 yrs old is a very intelligent musician. Melodic when he has to be, groovy when he needs to be, passionate when he has to be; aggressive and fast …I am 30 yrs older than him, that means when I was playing Holy Wars or Trilogy in 1990..Davide wasn’t even born. When he plays those fast stuff, I then realised that what he plays are beyond my capability to fathom. I tried playing fast all my life. But that speed of his is insane. And the sweep from 0.22 secs is too fast and difficult. It’s a pleasure to have a shred collaboration with DAVIDE Lo Surdo. Cheeerz.”

Davide has also expressed his gratitude by replying.

“It was awesome jam with you brother Kamal!! More projects coming soon! “

The video can streamed on the following link.

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