Chapel – Satan’s Rock ‘N’ Roll (2012)- An album that will even make Satan to groove

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This Vancouver trio offers dirty, surly, hard, and fast rock mixed with black and thrash metal elements that’s spiced with high tempo speed metal. It can essentially be summarized it as black metal.

When it comes to black metal, the earliest era of the trademark black metal sound would be the likes of Venom and other early era bands. The self-titled demo, Chapel, was released in 2008 and it’s a reminder that this band actually knows what they are doing! Many bands are more like try-hards who are unable to really capture the sound and style that Venom had back in those days. On the other hand, the production of the Canadian band, Chapel, is rather surprising. To most seasoned listeners, Chapel’s sound is like if Motörhead and Venom were to have had a child, but that child would have harsher and raspier vocals; that would be Chapel. Their last release was a full-length album titled ‘Satan’s Rock N’ Roll’, which was released by Invictus Productions in 2012.

The hellish and evil artwork is quite enchanting! The portrait of Baphomet would tell anyone that this is a really dark album. Thirty-three minutes into the album, for most seasoned listeners, it’d subconsciously remind them of bands like Motörhead, Venom, and Sodom, kicking things off without the vocals. It’s bringing the proto-black sound of Venom into the new age with even harsher and raspier vocals and the heavy, melodious guitar riffs with some d-beats.

‘Satan’s Rock N’ Roll’ excels with hellish bass tones and an insistent drum punch, which no one would deny the implicit draw of a title track that pledges allegiance to the Horned One via rock n’ roll. The full atmosphere of the album is like a 70-80’s rock and roll sound with a different vocal take. There is a possibility that they may have used some Venom riffs; at least it sounds like it, but more than likely in a different tune and, if so, it just goes to show how heavily influenced they are by Venom!

Tracks from ‘Satan’s Rock N’ Roll’:

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll from Hell 03:55
  2. Nocturnal Blasphemy 02:08
  3. Satan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll 04:02
  4. Hell Breaks Loose 03:20
  5. Alcoholocaust 03:27
  6. Blood Will Be Spilled 03:18
  7. Satanist 02:01
  8. Motorcult 03:13
  9. Trashed 02:08
  10. Hellrazors 05:02

Members –

***Incinerator: Drums (2007-present) See also: Mass Grave, ex-Fear of Tomorrow, ex-Low Life, ex-NeckBeerd, ex-Total;

***WarDesolator: Guitars, Vocals (2007-present) See also: Deathwinds, Radioactive Vomit, Temple of Abandonment, ex-Limb from Limb, ex-Chuck Norris, ex-Fear of Tomorrow;

***D: Bass, Vocals (2013-present) See also: Bison, Cooked and Eaten.

Album review written by Nafiz Bin Monsur Nihan

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