Cavalera Cospiracy ‘might’ record new EP, says Igor Cavalera

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Metal supergroup Cavalera Conspiracy is planning for a possible new EP. In a recent interview with Christina Rowatt of The Void With Christina, former Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera spoke about the status of the long-running collaborative project with his brother, ex-Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera.

He said the following as transcribed by

“Actually, I’ve been talking to Max about doing something new. We might do an EP at some point. That’s what I love about doing stuff with my brother. Because we’re not attached to a band itself — it’s just me and him — we can do things as we want without really thinking too much. And what I mean by that is acting on our gut feeling, which is something that a lot of people lose with time — you lose that gut feeling where you’re supposed to do certain things because you want [to] and not necessarily being trapped into a label or into a certain thing. So, I guess Cavalera has that freedom. And it’s quite liberating for me and him that all it takes for us is just a little phone call, and then we do certain tours or an album. It’s quite fun to do this and take all the drama out that involves being in a band with more people, which sometimes can be super annoying. That’s what I enjoy the most about doing Cavalera — the fact that we have this very straight connection where a few words define what we’re gonna do.”

You can watch the full interview with Christina on the link below.

Cavalera Conspiracy released their fourth album, “Psychosis”, in November 2017 via Napalm Records. The album’s genre is a mixture of death, thrash and groove metal.

Max Cavalera left Sepultura back in late 1996 after the rest of the band split with his wife Gloria as their manager and formed Soulfly. Igor left the band ten years later and reunite with his brother to form Cavalera Conspiracy.

Although Sepultura has maintained a diehard fanbase in all parts of the world throughout the band’s nearly four-decade history, Max-era albums “Roots” and “Chaos A.D.” were by far the band’s most commercially successful, having both been certified gold in the U.S. for sales in excess of five hundred thousand copies.

Source:, The Void With Christina

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