BTPF-2016 – “Riverge” will going to tear down Bangladesh this Friday.

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A flyer for the BTPF-2016 featuring Riverge

2016 has faced some real hard blows in every field of Bangladesh, especially in the music industry. The very first show of the Swiss folk giant Eluveitie got cancelled due to lack of proper management and security, Rocknation – the much acclaimed and successful event has come to an end due to the same reasons, the mighty warrior of Bengal – Severe Dementia’s first ever show in the Bangalore Open Air has been cancelled, and so on. But even in this desperate time, there is a good news waiting for everyone. It’s none other than this year’s Banish The Posers Fest (BTPF) which will be held this Friday, October-7 at the famous Russian Cultural Centre. Hosted by Primitive Invocation, this would be the fourth leg of the festival since its incarnation back in 2013.


official poster of BTPF-2016.


Bands from Bangladesh will going to perform along with an international act which will tear down the stage apart. Joining the destruction this time are the famous thrashers from the land of the rising sun – Riverge. This will be their first time in Bangladesh and they are going to be promoted by Japan’s Rock Stakk Records with their merchandise.

In addition to this killer show the band had posted a video in Youtube and Facebook which is posted below.


Riverge was founded on 1985 in Osaka and is made up of

Shoji Nakamura (Vo and the only original member) Yasuyuki Nasu (G) Momoko Ishikawa (B) Shogo Tamaki (Ds).


Riverge (photo taken from


So those who want to get their head banged till death, you better get ready for the mayhem.

List of bands performing in the BTPF-2016.

Old School Thrash

Old School Death

Bone Crushing Thrash

Black Metal

Thrash Metal

Traditional Heavy Metal

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