Bhool- Sin’s debut album with a distinctive sound

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It has been a month when the Bangladeshi rock band Sin (stylized as S!N) launched their first album – Bhool. The band has hosted a launching ceremony on March 30 at the capital’s Aziz Manzil – Party Place & Banquet Hall, where they have performed with fellow comrades of the country’s rock scene – Avoidrafa, Karnival, Poraho, Owned, Conclusion, and Exale. Inc.

The album features 8 amazing tracks with different flavors. The lyrics of each of the songs are very snappy and profound which also accompanied by equally intriguing sounds.

The song ‘Dhrir’ is the opening track of the album, and the perfect one too. With amazing mixture of the instruments (especially the guitar and bass parts) and the vocal section, it’s an amazing starter. In my opinion the song is a mixture of hard rock and grunge. The same goes for the next song ‘Ghurate Thakbe’.

The title track ‘Bhool’  is the kind of song that sounds more like the early era of indie, punk and alternative music. The lyrics is also very funny and catchy. The most intriguing part is the vocal and laughter portion at the background.

‘Natai Nai’ is the album’s ballad number and shows the real skills of the vocalist – Shahriar.

One of my personal favorite track is the classic rock sounded ‘Protiniyoto’ (and yes, I do love the music video too!!!). The song starts with a very cool guitar riff which is followed by a maniac scream at 0:13  – the kinda sound you will get in the bands like Deep Purple or Whitesnake , and wish to stay a little longer . Although the guitar parts are amazing, it is the drum that actually ruled the entire song.

The real surprise can be found in “Eka Bikel”. The song is another ballad number but it’s got blended with soft reggae-like guitar work and smooth jazz drumming. Listeners will find this track very interesting.

Another surprise of the album is the song “Let’s Dance”. This groovy-rockabilly music and lyrics mix up will remind you of the bands GrooveTrap and Stray Cats. The vibe of the song will instantly throw you to some 60’s dance prom and back. The only thing that I can visualize at the time of listening this song, is a black & white scene where Razzaq and Bobita or Dirty Dancing’s Baby and Johnny are dancing with every beat till they drop. The interesting part of this track is Tiash’s awesome bass line which kicked in at 1:04.

And last but not the least the song “Shesh” which strongly resembles the grungy sound of the band. A perfect finishing touch of a nicely done work.

The album artwork is very eye catchy and worthy to keep it as a collection.

The whole album is produced and mixed/mastered by Ekram Wasi and recordings were done at “Funk Noodles Studio” and “I.Saw That Studio”.  Most of the songs were written by the band’s former vocalist Shuvo while the current also wrote few of them.

Listeners can buy the physical album from Heavy Metal T-Shirt shop in Dhaka. Also they can stream it in the Gaan app and the band’s official YouTube channel (which can be seen here).

Formed in 2011, the current line-up of the band features:

  • Vocals – Shahriar Zaman
  • Guitars – Samiul Shams Rid and Mich Hil
  • Drums – Shahriar Hassan Autul
  • Bass – Junaed Kiron Tiash
  • Producer/Sound Engineer – Ekram Wasi
  • Recording Engineer – Zakir Hossain
  • Manager – Milon

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