Away and Home: A reverential jazz album

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Debut album of Imran Ahmed Trio brings a flavor of modern jazz for the music lovers who love jazz music. The album is called ‘Away and Home’ which features a total number of 6 instrumental tracks.

The album opens with ‘Discover Four’, a soft melodic number which is a pleasant to the ears of listeners. Imran’s guitar associated Mohaimin’s bass and Towfiq’s drums make the number a mix of contemporary jazz and simple melodies. Second track of the album is ‘Iced Americano’ is an eloquent number. Characteristically, Imran’s guitar sounds very soothing in this piece. Towfiq’s drum is very catchy in the track as well.

‘New Tune’ is third track of this album. Mohaimin’s bass-line adds an absolute unique sound to this piece. ‘Three’ sounds like an immersive song which indulges the listeners in it. This is my favorite from the album. 5th track of the album ‘Tiles of Time’ is a groovy number with beats of drums and subtle bass line. ‘With Me’ is last track of this album.

This is a complete reverential album by most jazz standards. The album was mixed and mastered by Saad Chowdhury.  Tunes were composed by Imran Ahmed.

The trio is consists of Imran Ahmed on guitar along with Towfiq Arifin Turjo on drums and Mohaimin Karim on bass respectively.


Review written by Nazia Nusrat Adnin.


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