Artwork of Chronicles debut album has been posted!!!

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It has been 4-5 years that Chronicles, who are one of the promising death metal acts of the nation, has turning the metal scene into a new height. Doing countless shows almost all across the nation, they are working harder for their debut EP titled “War Machine”; which is set to be released this December.

And to make the fans sure that they are actually working, they have posted a sample artwork of the album’s cover on their official Facebook page recently with the following message.

This is a sample artwork for our upcoming Ep, WarMachine.. We are going to announce the release date very soon.!

The brilliant design was done by none other than Nazia Amin (When CatLady scratches Paper), who have also worked with Nafarmaan,Torture Goregrinder, Deaths Wrath, and many more.

Chronicles was formed on August 2015 in Mymensingh, with the aim of doing extreme metal music alike of Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, etc.

Their line-up consists of

Vocals- Shoaib Islam Omi
Guitars- Mottasin Billah
Guitars- Nafiz Bin Monsur Nihan (aka Dimensional Dementia Demigod)
Bass- Inzamamul Hossain Khan Shobdo
Drums- Hasan Morshed Jim

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