Arnob’s “Khub Dub” has been released

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Famous Bangladeshi indie singer Shayan Chowdhury, better known as Arnob has released his sixth album on May-28, 2015. The album, titled “Khub Dub” has been released by the artist himself. During the releasing date he had posted the following Facebook statement.
“Finally my NEW ALBUM is coming out TODAY
BUT, I’m bringing it out by myself and only making 2500 copies!!
A very special edition and it won’t be print ever again. If you really care for me to carry on music…please come and buy it from me directly.
It’s not just an album it is something that I want to give directly to you for whom I am what I am.
This special album also got 8 of my original artwork/prints (12in/ 8in), and 8 postcards (6in/ 4in) painted by the kids from Bandarban.
I will sit in different venues and sigh them out to you directly.
With your help not only I will keep making music but you can all help us building them a good residential school, as school got destroyed by wild elephants. Let’s change this system! Cut out any middle parties… I’m giving away 8 lac from selling this album. Hope you have bigger heart and buy it with 800 tk…
And I know YOU WILL
No big companies, no sponsorships!
JUST YOU and US!! And together anything is possible!
This is for all the love n the support you have given me and helped me to learn and feel the joy of sharing and giving as little we can. Love you tons.”

And for this reason the artist is already started to sell his album all by himself, in different spots of the country.


For more information, visit the following page.

Arnob's Khub Dub

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