Arbovirus will launch their third album

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Friday the 13th is known to many as the most spookiest day that one can imagine. Anything evil can happen on this day. This year something sinister is going to be witnessed by many, because a deadly virus is going to be unleashed on this day. Yes that’s right people!!! The pioneering hybrid rock band Arbovirus is going to release their much anticipated third album titled “Bishesh Droshtobbo”.

The guys will held the ceremony along with a concert tomorrow at the famous Russian Cultural Center (RCC). The following news has been posted in the Facebook event page.

“No guest artist. No opening band. No cover songs. Just us. Raw and real. We will play a looooooong set until one of us drops dead or the venue kicks us out – whichever happens first; at the place where it all began: RCC, Mecca of Underground Music Scene. We will play songs from our entire catalogue (three full length albums and singles from compilation albums).”

There will be a limited amount of seats available so fans are requested to collect their tickets from the designated points as fast as they can.

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