Arbovirus has released another new music video

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Bangladeshi pioneering Hybrid rock/Grunge band – Arbovirus has released another music video from their new album “Bishesh Droshtobbo”. The video titled “Bhenge Felo” was released June-20 and has already gained a staggering amount of views in the band’s official Facebook and Youtube channel. So far more nineteen-thousand viewers have watched it. Their previous video “School” has also gained most viewers (over 200 thousand) from it’s release, which was three months ago. And that’s not all the amazement; the making of the video took place two years ago before the production of the album. YES YOU’VE HEARD THAT RIGHT!!!!


Arbovirus - Bhenge Felo
Regarding the release of the video the band’s guitarist and songwriter Asif Asgar has posted the following statement on his Facebook profile.

“I wrote an essay about this song but I guess that can wait as most of the people will get bored. So I’m writing 11 things about the song/video that might be interesting (or not…it’s still long)

The video was shot almost 2 years back as Tahsin was about to go away for studies and we all wanted to shoot a video with him before that

We didn’t have a song (at least a heavy song at that moment that could support the idea of the video) so we recorded everything in a day or two at nafeez’s studio based on a idea that was recorded in a phone few months earlier.

We were all awestruck by the place where it was shot. Thanks to Shihab for managing that. The place has a horror story. (one guard killed another guard and next day people found him sitting with the dead guy’s head….i’m not sure if that’s the exact story)

The initial version of the song upon which the video was shot is very different from the song used in the video. As the band didn’t like the verse that much and I didn’t like the tune of the verse. It was a nightmare for marib to edit.

There were so many cool shots that were taken but we could not show them because it’s a short song.

There was a bomb scene where a real bomb was used and the only civilian guy to have license to make a bomb was used. It was a lifetime experience.

We still have that demo, and who knows someday that can appear on net.

Marib’s idea to use a fire-throwing guitar was made with help from Dipro and Risalat. it was still very risky so people had to stand with a wet towel and you could feel the heat.

At least one of the band members hate (hate might be a strong word, “don’t like” is more appropriate) the song.

The noise part (instead of a solo) was done by a open jack and turning a lot of knobs of pedals (zakku did it) while I was just using both the whammy and wah pedal and using the open jack as a switch. The part before that was done by switching on and o pickups. I had instagram videos of those.

Nafeez lost his custom snare from the shoot. The good thing is that it fuelled the birth of Beshi Joss Drums

(Murshed shot a lot of behind the scene footages and we hope someday we can use those.)

Marib Alam Tahsin Rahman Shihab Khan MurShed HaSan Dipro Nafeez Al Amin Aldnane Alam Suharto Sherif Sufi Zakir Hossain

Marib Alam, the director of the video has also expressed his feelings.

“It was fun and also very dangerous while shooting the video. Now it’s out. Finally after two years”

So guys get ready to get infected once again.

To watch the video, please follow this link.

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