Aconite’s Mokarram Hossain has been endorsed by Beshi Joss drums

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I, Nafeez Al Amin, the proud owner of Beshi Joss Drums, am delighted to announce that one of my favorite drummers Mokarram Hossain of the band Aconite will be endorsed by my company. An arrangement like this is the first one of its kind in Bangladesh both from the perspective of a drummer and a deshi instrument manufacturer. Hence, I take pride in this matter and I am very happy and delighted that Mokarram gladly accepted my offer.
Thanks Moka. Let’s work together to take the Drumming scenario of Bangladesh to a Beshi Joss place.

You’ve read it right!!!! These are the exact words told by the drummer of Arbovirus and the owner of the first drum making company of Bangladesh, while introducing one of his very special customers on Dec-28 of last year. It is really a very good news for all of us. Not to mention that another name is going to be carved in the wall of the music instrument makers.

Beshi Joss drums is founded by Nafeez back on late 2015. From then on it has started to take on every musicians interests. And Mokarram is the drummer of the newly founded band Aconite hailing from the port city of Chittagong.

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