About Dark released their 3rd single

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Dhaka based contemporary rock band About Dark has released their third single this Friday, August-08. The name of the song is “Kalo Manush”, and was released in Sound Machine practice pad.

Regarding the song the band said,

“Now a days there are a lot of abstract people. Depressed people, who don’t get good support, effected by down society day by day. On the other hand, there are no exact value for musicians in our country. There are a lot of good musicians who are doing good work. But the society don’t give proper value to them. Every sector is damaged like this situation and people get depressed and hopeless every single day. In that case they are hiding their own-self, they are leaving their dreams. This is the reason, the song name is given Kalo Manush.”

The band has also showed their gratitude to everyone who have visited their event. Specially to Radio Dhol, Heavy Metal T-Shirt, GAAN and The Big Guns for their contributions to the band.

You can listen to the song on the GAAN app and also you can enjoy the lyric video of the song in the band’s official YouTube channel.

About Dark was formed on late 2016. The line-up of the band is:
Lead guitar- Chutti, Vocals- Mun, Rhythm/Lead guitar- Purno, Bass- Touhid, Drums- Zakir.

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