33 hurts during lightning strikes in Rock Am Ring

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It was a great disaster when 33 people were hurt at this year’s Germany’s Rock Am Ring festival when the site was hit by lightning not just once…BUT TWICE!!!

Rock Am Ring 2015

(picture source: metalhammer.teamrock.com)

It has been reported that on Saturday, June-06,2015 during the ongoing shows in Mendig, western Germany, the first bolt struck the backstage area at 1 am injuring eight staffs.

The second bolt struck at 4 am injuring 25 people at the campsites. Prior to the first incident authorities has opened lightning-proof tents for campers to shelter everyone.

According to the local police’s report the victims were rushed to the hospital immediately and no severe injuries were sustained.

Around 90,000 are in attendance at this gigantic festival, which has ended yesterday (Sunday) with sets from Slipknot, the Foo Fighters, Motorhead, In Flames and others.

(Source: classicrock.teamrock.com)

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